i choose this company because i care about kids and to assist children in the growth and development by teaching them skills that will assist them for the rest of thier lives. Also because i want to give back to those who don't have much. That's why i choose the location in North Philadelphia, Lehigh ave where i was raise that where i saw kids my age sad or mad cause they don't have a better role model. People should choose me over there company because my business well improve in there children life and should kids right and wrong. We are a 24 hour care center so we will not only care and feed your child but they will also have so where to sleep and call home.


Are product and service is a Big Brother And Big Sister program. We do this because we want each of are kids to have so that is not only someone who care for them but someone who is also a friend someone who they can talk to. This is my i will like to start off with 26 employee.