Jay Gatsby

Final Poster Emily,Ashley,Anndrea per.5

Gatsby symbolized new money-with his extravagant parties, clothing, house, and material items.

His pink suit symbolized the outrageous material items people with new money would buy.

His pink is a mixture of red and white.Red represents the illusory of the American dream and white represents false innocence.Pink symbolizes the ending of Gatsby's American dream, leaving him with false innocenceand naive   perspective that he can gain it back.

protagonist-He did earn his money the way an ideal character would earn.

loyal- Gatsby showed examples of loyalty by staying faithful to daisy even though they were not together.

bootlegger- Gatsby owned corrupted pharmaceutical companies, that is why he kept receiving mysterious phone calls.

dreamer-He truly believed that at the end of all this madness he and daisy would be together.

achiever- He accomplished the ideal American dream,such as having nothing to having everything anybody ever wanted.

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