Syria Water Supply

The Dispute of the Rivers

Two rivers-three countries. What is fair?


Syria has a much smaller population than Turkey and Iraq.
Syria has almost a 50/50 split of people living in rural areas and urban areas.

Growing Populations

Syria's, Turkey's, and Iraq's populations are growing. The amount of water is staying the same.

Water Availability

Syria has very little water that comes from within the country. Almost all of their water come into the country through external rivers
This graph shows that Syria uses almost all the water that they receive.

Water Usage

Syria uses almost all its water for agriculture. Syria and its people rely greatly on this water for food, economic needs, and jobs.
Turkey controls the water that reaches Iraq and Syria. They have been unfairly using it. Syria and Iraq both deserve an increase in water.
Syria's agriculture, fields, and econamy from the lack of water. Syria must have water for agriculture.
The people in Syria don't have access to enough clean water for everyday survival. Turkey needs to give more access to the riverrs

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