1st Period:  Domonique J, Johnathan K, Jasmine L, Chassidy W.

Where I Grew Up

This picture was taken on Madison and Spaulding. The buildings are called M.L.K Plaza. They named these buildings after Martin Luther King because he use to march in that neighborhood when he was alive.

Outside my kitchen window

7:18 , when I look outside my kitchen window , this is the view I get the downtown sky line and more.

There is a lot of slow traffic on the west side of Chicago on Division and Cicero. Slow traffic happens a lot right there because of construction work.

Our Life

In this part of our photo essay, you would see mostly things about our life. You would see things like where we live, important things and people to us, us doing work or achieving things. We didn’t want this to just be about things in are neighborhood, we wanted people to see how we get around all the commotion and violence that occurs around us. We would show things we do for fun and people we have fun with. It’s just a little piece of our life!

Bathroom selfie with Abby and Ashley, my niece and her two baby dolls. Whenever she’s around me it’s nothing but fun and games. Every dark skinned girl need a light skinned best friend.

R.I.P Bejian

This photo was taken on an iPad in Lurie Children’s Hospital. Bejian was one of their best patients. He was diagnosed with Cancer. He left this world August.12,2013 due to a serious cause.

Keeping up W/ the Jones’s

Mexican restaurant dinner table , a nice family gathering to celebrate the life of my granny, it was so much love and fun times at the table.

Eating pizza

Normally I eat pizza on the weekend, I always order a large pizza at Home Run In and have to wait about an hour and a half just for it to get deliver to me.

Bro & I

Outside of Westinghouse with my brother right after he walked across the big stage leaving 8th grade behind , I’m a proud big sister.


I normally do my homework at home when I get out of school. If I done all my school work while I’m at school I might start on my homework and finish it when I get home. On Fridays if I have homework I usually wait until Sunday to do the homework.

Hard-Work Pays Off

A young lady was writing a paper for her Criminal Justice class. She wrote the paper about the Mike Brown killing. Mike Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. Its brought a lot of attention to the young lady.

Theme : Achievement

Life is what you make it. Everybody have their own definition of achievement, what’s best for you may not be what’s best for someone else. I have my own way of doing things that others may not agree with but still I get the job done. Many of us that attend Al Raby all come from different walks of life but yet every day by 8:00am we find our self-sitting in a Al Raby class room. Just because we come from bad neighborhoods don’t mean we don’t have good people and role models to motivate us to do better and want better or dream bigger.

Ball is Life

Taken from a cellular device in the bathroom of Attack gym, Chassidy plays basketball for Al Raby High School. Attack was Hope Academy gym. Hope and Al Raby’s coach was really close so sometimes the girls practice together.

Fun and games

7th period gym with a huge ball stay out the way or you might just fall .

Watching TV

I really don’t watch television as much as I did before.When I come home from school I normally do homework, go to sleep or go outside. I usually watch television at night before I go to bed and on the weekends.

Final Alert

The dance team Final Alert dancing at House of Hoops. They were in the middle of doing a dance called “Nae-Nae”. 7 Years of being a dance team, this was the day after their anniversary.


Green line platform train going west from California and lake, to Harlem and lake. The train is usually packed with people, because many people use the train to get from place to place.

Violence Won’t Stop

Policemen On Madison & Spaulding/Homan after a shooting had occurred. It had been a lot of violence in the city of Chicago and it still continues. Someone has been hit and the police were trying to protect the scene.

The World around Me

The world around me is so cold and harmful

But in my world, I’m just trying to make it through.

I’ve lost family, friends, and even those I called homies,

But yet, I still haven’t lost my mind.

I go to school,

I dance,

Even play a little bit of basketball.

No matter what goes on around me,

I managed to stay on track.

Straight “A” student

No “B’s” you would see

The world around me is so cold

I’m just trying to make it through with everything within me.

Written By: Chassidy Williams

People Not What They Seem

Mr.G said go home and write a page tonight let the page come out of you and then it will be true. All things aren’t what they seem to be, all family and friends are not true but life is what you make it out to be. Blood don’t make you family being loyal do and if you can’t be true then I don’t want to be around you. Love is a four letter word with no real meaning. People just toss it around out the blue, but like I said if you can’t be true then I don’t want to be around you. 17 years young and sometimes I still don’t know who or where to run to.

                                                                By: Domonique Jones

   Living Life

I am a 17 year old girl who lives and grew up on the west side of Chicago. I just want to make it out of Chicago safely and healthy. I will live life to the fullest and surround myself around positive people. I won’t let anybody bring me down in life. I will do what it takes for me to become successful and live a good life.

                                                                  By: Jasmine Livingston