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"Right is right, even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it."
- Augustine of Hippo

    Teach Like A Pirate
    "Provide an uncommon experience for your students and they will reward you with uncommon effort and attitude." Dave Burgess

    Ahoy! Let's Hoist the Sails 'Tis Week..

    Monday: 2:15 AR mtg; Go See Chris to sign the bullying Prevention                                                           PP in-service sheet

    Tuesday: MAP Testing begins...look at the schedule

    Wednesday: 2:15 3rd-5th grade mtg in Media Center

    Thursday: 5:30 - 6:30 p.m. Dads & Pizza Night in the Cafeteria

    Friday: TGIF

        Comin' Before We Sail Out Next Week...

    Monday 31st:

    Tuesday 1st: Fall Pictures

    Wednesday 2nd: 5:30 5th grade DC mtg

    Thursday 3rd:  Art Forms are due

    Friday 4th:

    ARRR... It's Your Birthday!!!
    8/25 Sharon Cox

    District Updates

    Watch the Look Fors 4-6 on the PLUS2 video .....right click the link below and pick...."open in new window." Then complete the Exit Ticket and  sign the sheet from Chris.


    Curriculum Focus

    Remember that each PLC should be using the four high-yield strategies....prioritizing the Power Standards, "unwrapping" the standards, using common formative assessments and following the PLC Data Team process.

    Learn Like A Pirate

    Section 1 - What is a student-led classroom? Students make decisions and choices throughout the day without consulting the teacher. However, the curriculum does not change...just the method. Lessons are set up so that students do not have to be passive learners for long.

    You can not just jump into a student-led classroom.....you would go crazy!! You have to explain what it means and provide MANY examples of how it might work for them. Take baby steps....provide learning opportunities for students to practice the necessary skills until they become habits. Remember...students must feel safe, appreciated and connected to you for this to work.

    Section 1 has many common concerns about a student-led classroom. It also makes a connection to  Charlotte Danielson's teacher evaluation process.  It is all about empowering the students. If you want to be HE in some areas....reread page 30-33.

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