Your majesty,

Please readeth the following

I have painted a portrait in you liking, because I would like you to read my "application."

Your majesty, I would prefer leaving in 1567, but any year you need me to be at is fine.  Sir, I have originated from Sweden, but I do live here, in Spain.  I would love to ask you if you could fund my expedition to North America, because I know that you need resources like gold.  While I will look for this, I will also trade for tobacco, coal, and silver, because these can also make god money for you and your kingdom.  I will gladly travel to California on behalf of you and Spain.  I will no doubt encounter selfish English men that are after gold, but when I do, it's talk or kill.  I will face disease of my crew members, but I have prepared for that as well.  I got Tylenol.

P.S. I got you fish.

This is a sign that the English have, so I do not have much competition.

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3 years ago

King: Wow Johnathan III, I think I will fund this