Panamà (Panama)
Kennedy SHea

Panama Skyline

Population: 3,864,170 people

Languages: Spanish is the official speaking language in Panama.

Capital City: Panama City, Panama

Currency: 1 Panamanian Balboa is equal to s1.00 in US Dollars.

Neighboring Countries: Colombia & Costa Rica

Famous Destinations: The Panama Canal, Bridge of the Americans, & Estadio Rommel Fernández.

Local Expressions: Diablo rojo - this means "red devil" but is referred to a large city bus.

Awebao - this literally means "egg headed" but if referred to "idiot" or "dude" depending on the tone you use when you say it.

Huevear - this means messing around, or the same as someone saying "we're not doing a thing."

Popular Foods & Drinks: Hojaldras - doughnuts sprinkles with sugar (Breakfast)

Arroz con guandu - rice cook with beans and spices, and sometimes in coconut milk. (Appetizer)

Cocades - A biscuit-like food with shredded coconut, eggs, and sugar. (Dessert)

Batidos - a fruit blended drink.

Climate: The climate in Panama is usually hot and humid. Panama has coastal plains, hills, and mountains.

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