Saddam Hussein

Background Information

Saddam Hussein was captured by Operation Red Dawn on December 13, 2003 in Iraq near a small town called Tikrit. He was hung in northern Baghdad for crimes against humanity when he was 69 years old.

Type Of Government

Saddam ran a dictatorship in Iraq, he killed thousands of people without mercy because he thought he was doing right by his country.

Rise To Power

Saddam gained power in Iraq with help from the USA, we gave him money and weapons to gain his reputation and strengthen the trust of Iraqi's until he had full power.

What's He Best Known For?

Saddam Hussein is known for being the best-known Middle Eastern dictator during his rule from 1979 to 2003.

Domestic Priorities

Although Saddam says he's all for his people he seems to want to torture hem a little to much for comfort. He would torture, rape, assassinate, deport, mass murder, and force disappearances on his Iraqi people. He was so cruel to keep his country divided by ethnicity and religion.

Foreign Invasions

Saddam tried to start wars with almost every country in Iraq, his most successful invasion was in Kuwait. He invaded Kuwait because of oil and large war debt's that Iraq owed Kuwait. He pushed Iraqi troops out of Kuwait but as they retreated he made them catch oil wells on fire.

Current Event

In 1991 after the Persian Golf War Southern Shiite's rebelled against Saddam's regime. Iraq brutally suppressed the uprising by killing thousands of Shiite's in southern Iraq in retaliation. As punishment for supporting the Shiite rebellion, Saddam's regime killed thousands of of Marsh Arabs, bulldozed all their villages, and ruined their way of life. Saddam was blamed for creating an environmental disaster because by 2002 only 7-10 percent of the marshlands were left.

Why Saddam Is The Most Influential

I feel that Saddam Hussein is one of the most influential leader because he wasn't afraid of anything. He was so determined to make Iraq the best country that he would deport torture, and even kill his own people. Not only did he harm his own people, he would go to different countries and do the same exact thing to them until he took over.

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