Rube Goldberg Machine

Entry 1-18

Choosing my Project (entry #1)

I chose the Rube Goldberg Machine because I thought it would be fun to do this and It could bring out much imaginative thoughts to the project. I would most likely not make this a career thing because I wouldn't very interested in this as a full career job and doing this for the rest of my life. I would want to learn how deep my imagination is by doing the project.

Intro Research (Planning)(entry #2)

I began to watch videos of Rube Goldberg Machines and see how they made there's. Then my group and I began to start sketch out ideas on how to make our Machine.

Further Introduction Research (entry #3)

I saw what I had at my house and see what I could do for the project with these object. Also I watched videos seeing how some people made there and using some off there designs in our project.

Research (entry #4)

We were still watching videos to get ideas for our project and asso we were seeing what we had to see how complicated we can make our project. We answered on how we our going to make our project.

What you are finding out while doing your project (entry 5-6)

We're starting off our project with the zip line, also it is difficult because we have to make the zip line hit the ball and make the ball move forward and it hard to make the zip line move the ball and make it go straight.

What SPECIAL terms (technical) do yo need to know? (entry 6&7)

We're using a bowling ball, zip lines, tennis balls, race car tracks, and a teeter totter. Also its very difficult to do. We make the zip line hit the string make the tennis ball go straight the ball hits zip line, the zip line hits the bowling ball, the bowling ball falls on the teeter totter the teeter totter pulls the door forward and there you go.

NEW Questions and Information! (entry #8)

How are we going to be able to hit the bowling ball and make it fall to the ground and how are we gonna make the zip line hit the ball and make the ball hit the other zipline. Also how are we going to make the bowling ball open the door to the cubert.

Technical Parts of Your Project (part 1)

We're trying to open the cabinet and by that we start off on the cabinet, make the zip line go, the zip line hit the car, makes the car ramp down, and hit the other zip line, the other zip line hit the bowling ball, make the bowling ball fall, then the bowling ball hits the teeter totter which pulls the string and opens the door and to finish it we need to make the car hit the other zip line and make sure the zip line can get enough force to make the bowling ball fall.

Technical Parts of Your Project (part 2)

We still need to make the first zip line hit the car exactly so it can ramp down and we're gonna need how to make the car hit the zip line and make the zip line hit the bowling ball perfectly, We need to plan it out a little more and try to make it a little less complicated.

Progress (Part 1)

I'll admit our progress isn't the best so far saying we're only on stage 2 and we still need to bring in the teeter totter and a ball and more string but besides all that our progress is ok I guess.

Progress (Part 2)

Its pretty much the same as yesterday,we still haven't made much progress.

New Project

I got moved to a new project (scratch). Its a little hard but it gets easier when you do it more.

What is Your Next Step

Making the ball bounce better when hitting the paddle and adding points

Almost Done With the Project

In a way, I still need to add points and still need to make the ball bounce better

Pretty Much Done With Project

All I really need to do is to make it when it hits the edge the game ends and need to fix points.

Did It Work

Yes the project did work, bouncing off the paddle worked and ending the game and putting points to zero worked and adding points by one also worked.

Button 3 and 2 have the same scripts, Paddle 2 and 3 have the same scripts.


I learned that this project wasn't the easiest, 1. Making your own blocks, 2. Making sure the blocks you made work, 3. Having the blocks you put together work on what you want it to do, 4. Make sure all the the scratches go together and work correctly, 5. Also having the points work correctly, 6. Make any obstacles you have work.

My project turned out good, my scratches work very well, the points work fine when they hit the paddle. The game is set up in a good order to where It should work correctly. The ball has a few malfunctions but it still works, but it could be a little messed up at some points in the game but you usually just have to move the paddle off the ball if the ball glitches.

I might actually make this a hobby, like do scratch when I have nothing to really do or when I get bored. But mostly not make it a job kind of thing because It's not really a type of activity that I would do my whole life, cause I could get a little tired of it at some points when I can't think of anything to really do.

I'm glad that I got to go to this project instead of others cause it was a fun project and It didn't take much time to figure out and it was a little easier for me than it might be for others but I am glad that picked this project over the others and it was a good experience by showing how much thought and imaginative thinking I have.

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2 years ago

Great job! I can't wait to see this work!

2 years ago

This is really cool! Your new project looks very difficult!

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