The fahion
liberty bayaban

The noble's  love of beauty began with their own appearance .they had magnificent  ward  robes full of silk robes and gold jewelry . Nobles loved elaborate outfit for  example 'women were long  gowns made of 12layers of colored silk cleverly cut and folded to show of many layers atone to complete their  outfit , nobles often carried delicate decorative fans .these fans were painted with flowers "trees and birds many nobles also  attached flowers and long silk cords to their fan.

      Beside literature ' Japanese nobles also loved the visual art .the most popular art forms and architecture and more doors for hours poems look as beautiful  rather painty  nobles hesians.  Outline popular hours doors writing carefully sounded poems greatest and greatly more plays other and more things that the outfit and gold that flower often that trees can fans cords look very popular and wrote  the nobles and women wrote diaries and journal about  their lives at court .in their words that the ampere can help the knew things that we can do or not do with the fans. That tale prins great flower many different people  that rule the city and best at writing And additional of same time and japan with great details  and most Japanese prose was ten by women 'but both men and women and wrote the poems and more specific nobles that they Ben true and some of them have not true because the Japanese has not ben the right nobles and left the  natural develope plays most of the time and some japan have the most beautiful life's and most time the empire  religion became form that they did not became areal person that the city want them two be so the Japan  thought that ceremonies warriors arrived the popular news and ideas that should not belived the empire that people can both around and more  noble that they  cando to the Japanese empire that gathered  the most.