Constantinople Real Estate

By:Harold Baker

If I interest you use this map to find Constantinople

Actually this one may help more

Sales Pitch

The reason why I am mentioning this is because I would like you to move there,now you might have heard about barbarians who attack it but no barbarians can get through the walls. and if that wasn't changing your mind then maybe the fact that even the homeless won't starve because, there is tasks they can do for food, like bread.Also you may have heard about how the people in the city were dropping dead from thirst but that won't happen anymore because there is a place were most of the water form the aqueduct is stored called the cistern.Finally if your still not sure you should move (which you should be) or just don't think you could get a decent job many people trade there so you could always sell to the traders and sometimes even sailors which I hear pays a lot of money.So move on down to good old Constantinople you'll be glad you did.And remember Constantinople is very hopefull

Geographic Area

Constantinople will be very noticeable it's the city be the peninsula that connects the Mediterranean sea and the Black sea.Do remember how I mentioned selling to traders and sailors that is because the place is the only way to pass between the 2 sea's and over the land to Turkey from the west. Keep in mind the sea's did cause some trouble like when the city needed to build a massively long aqueduct but like I already mentioned that shouldn't be a problem and if it is it will be repaired before the city is out of drinking water. (down below is a picture of Constantinople now a days [not literally])


One thing you should now about Constantinople is that it has it is run by an emperor or empress.Also you should be able to keep track of the laws because the old or ones that didn't make since were removed by Justinian's Code.And anyway no mater what you should even have a remote chance of braking the law because nobody does anything like steal money or anything because if you do some small jobs you will still have food.


One thing you might not have known about the byzantine empire is that the most common religious people are christian even though it was found originally as a roman empire.In fact even the aqua ducts have christian symbols on as you can see it's pretty obvious why the iconoclasm caused people to despair as well as increase the tension that lead to the schism.

Daily Life

The average life of someone in Constantinople will be something you would want to know if you move there.One of the things an average citizen in Constantinople is does is go to the hippodrome to watch the chariot races. another thing they do frequently is barter and trade.Besides that there isn't much the people of Constantinople do besides the stuff that is very obvious like eating.

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