Connor's 7th Grade Year in Review

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My Descriptive Paragraph

   The Orange Meadow

By: Connor Maple

As I got to the second highest peak of the mountains, I stopped and took in the Beauty of it all. The mountain I saw to my right, was snow covered at the top, the whistling of the wind peeked over the top. Jagged mountain tops cut holes through the clouds like a hot knife through butter. Imagining the ice cold stone against my skin gave me a nerve-racking chill. Suddenly the taste of freezing cold air choked me, I took a deep breath and looked down the mountain side. There was a meadow glowing a orange-gold color thanks to the sun’s glow that peeked through the clouds. Grass seemed to be waving at me, since it was swaying back and forth all the time due to the strong gusts of wind. Thinking of the soft fur-like laying against my skin made me smile. Looking over to the faraway forest.

My Memoir

Ten Yards Down

By: Connor Maple

As I ran to the huddle, the sudden feel of nervous chills ran down my spine, making me sweat even more than normal. I had gotten the play from my coach, we were doing a 37 sweep, which would be the only and best option we had at this point. We were down by 12 points, and we needed a score. To add to the tension, we were ten yards to a first down. Also we were on a fourth down, our last chance, or the other team would get the ball, and probably score, and completely wipe out my teams spirit. As I told my teammates the play, I had made myself sure we were gonna make it, score, and win. Although I was completely unaware of the pain and injury that laid ahead of me.

Walking up to the center, I realized that my teammates looked way too discouraged, and we were only one quarter in the game. Then I realized the problem, we hadn’t won a game yet this season, but I didn’t think that losing two games would get someone down like that. Apparently I was wrong, my team was depressed, and looked like they’d rather be in bed or playing video games. I thought they should be playing as hard as they can, to break our record of not winning any games, but you wouldn’t think that by looking at them. I was hoping my running backs would pull off this play, but I still had a little doubt. I tried to get that negative thought out of my mind, trying to assure myself that this was going to be the play that would change our football season. But now I see it was the play that changed my football season.

I was nervous, my teeth were chattering like crazy. My hands were shaking when I put them into position, ready to start the play. As I started the countdown, I could feel the tension in the air, almost tasting it. As I said,”Hut!” , I felt a rush of speed go through my veins, like no other feeling I’ve ever felt before. I had the sudden thought that I was going to make it, that this would change the score of our team. As that thought quickly came into my mind, it left just as fast. The opposing team’s linebacker got through the line, which would be a probable result with my team being depressed, ran towards me ready to make a tackle. Right then, my right guard fell backwards, tripping the linebacker and causing him to fall, right into my right knee, bending it down and eventually causing it to touch the ground. As I fell to the ground, a feeling of failure went through me. The feeling of failing my team was the last thing that went through my mind before I hit the ground.

When I opened my eyes, a sudden feel of pain shot through my knee, making me cry out in pain. My teammates helped me up, shocked that their quarterback got hurt. Stepping on my knees was unbelievable painful, I couldn’t hardly keep on my feet. Limping hurt just about as much as walking on it. My teammates couldn’t help me walk all the way to the bench, because they had to keep playing. When they left my sides, I thought I was going to fall down, which would probably not be the best option right now. I was trying to hold back the tears, but wasn’t doing very good at it. As the tears flowed, I hobbled up to the coach. The coach looked at me with concern, “ What’s wrong with your leg? I saw you get tackled, but didn’t know how bad it was.”

“ I-I think I pulled so-something in my knee coach.” I said through the tears and sniffles.

“ You better go walk it off. If it seems to get better, you let me know, I might have to put you back in.” Said coach, then he looked at me again and said, “ But I don’t know.”

As I limped, trying to walk it off, I thought to myself, I think coach looked scared that his quarterback might have just been hurt. I turned around, to keep walking, trying to walk away from the pain in my leg, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen.

After about thirty rounds of walking back and forth, I decided to go to coach and discuss the whole “maybe you can go back in” conversation. “ Hey coach,” I said, “ will I be able to go back in?”

“ Well,” he said,” does your knee feel any better?”

“ No.” I answered, aware of what the answer would be.

“ Then the answer is simple,” he said with a look of concern still on his face, “ No, you cannot go back in.” My knee was killing me by this point after standing for only a short time. I decided to keep walking, it was better than standing anyway. As I walked through the dirt, I thought to myself if this would be the end of my football season, more importantly, my career.

The game didn’t end well, we lost 21 to 0. I was not surprised, my team was in horrible shape by the third quarter. We might as well just gone home after half-time. I’m sure that’s what my coaches and teammates think. As I rode in the car going home, with the pain surging through my knee, like it happened two seconds ago. That play could have been the one that would have changed the game. That’s what I thought, until I got tackled, which pretty much killed my team and my spirit. I learned that some things just happen, and you have to learn you are not always in control of what happens.

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My Research Essay

Jim Davis

By: Connor Maple

There are tons of comics throughout the world, some are funny, some are sad. They come in many genres. Not a lot are as successful as one fat, lazy cat. If you thought Garfield, you are correct. Garfield has been known throughout the country since its start in 1978. Many people are familiar with the famous cat. Jim Davis is the man behind Garfield, the creator. Like all cartoon characters, Garfield needed inspiration, a name. Sadly, a lot of cartoons have to end, Garfield might or might not have to end.

Jim Davis was born on July twenty-eight, 1945 in Marion Indiana. He grew up on a farm with his brother, father, and mother. He suffered from asthma as a child and was stuck in the house most of the time. To entertain himself and his mother, he doodled a lot. In college he studied art and business. During college he worked a while for the creator of a cartoon called Tumbleweeds as an assistant. Gnorm Gnat was Jim Davis’s first published comic, but it wasn’t very successful. As he tried to come up with another idea for a strip Davis realized there was a lot of cartoon strips about dogs, but no cats! Considering the fact that cats weren’t really in any comic strips, Jim decided to make a comic about a fat lazy cat. The farm Davis grew up on had twenty-five cats, so he decided to bundle a couple of cats’ characters into one cartoon kitty.

Garfield needed a name, Davis thought about it and decided to name Garfield in honor of his grandfather James Garfield Davis. Garfield was introduced in 1978, but a few months after its launch, Chicago Sun Times cancelled Garfield. Over 1300 angry readers demanded that Garfield be reinstated. Jim Davis’s character cat has been a success in the comics as well as business. Garfield was so big that in 1981 Jim founded Paws Inc.. Davis has been nominated for ten Emmys and awarded four. Guniess World Records has named Garfield as “The most syndicated Comic Strip in the world”. Garfield merchandise is sold in over 69 nations around the world, from toilet seats to pillows. Jim’s grandfather’s middle name has become a very known name throughout the world.

For a comic that has been in the running for over 35 years you’d think it would start to slow down. You’d think Jim Davis would get tired of drawing Garfield, but you are dead wrong. A reporter once asked Davis the question, “Do you ever consider retiring?”

Jim responded by saying, “They’ll have to pry the pencil out of my cold dead hand.”

Garfield’s creator has been very successful with the character he created over 30 years ago. Garfield products rake in between $750 million and $1 billion each year. Although Garfield is Jim’s main comic, he is also the creative force behind the comic strip “U.S. Acres”. You might think that Davis draws Garfield most of the time in his leisure, but you are wrong. Jim Davis spends most of his leisure time golfing, gardening, fishing, and enjoying his wife, and grandchildren.

Jim Davis has been recognized as a very creative man since the creation of his orange tabby named Garfield. The cat has been a comic that almost everyone knows for a while now, and now he’s even bigger than before. With all the inspiration, Davis has made a quite collective character. From his name to how long he’s been a comic, Garfield has his own mark on the way we look at comics, and his creator Jim Davis.

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My Argumentative Essay


By: Connor Maple

Many people in today’s society can’t afford health insurance, so our government tried to do something to help. They were trying to do the good thing, but it didn’t work as expected. The health care plan created by the government was called Obamacare. They proposed that all citizens should have health care, and should have to buy Obamacare. The idea itself wasn’t bad, not at all. But the fact that they wanted to have all the citizens have it wasn’t a good idea. Our founding fathers created a document called the Constitution of the United States. It states that the government cannot force citizens to buy a federal product. That is exactly what Obamacare didn’t take into consideration. I believe that Obamacare shouldn’t be considered legal and it should be outlawed.

When our Founding Fathers started this country, they also started a Constitutional Convention, which was started to list the rights and privileges the citizens of the United States that can not be taken away. Obamacare is trying to take away one of the rights of the citizens. The Constitution states the government cannot make a person buy a federal product. This is an example of taxation without representation, which is what started the famous Boston Tea Party. A reporter asked the Speaker of House, “Where specifically does the Constitution grant Congress the authority to enact an individual health insurance mandate” The Speaker of the House answered with a sneer, “That is not a serious question.”

The fact that Pelosi says that asking if something is against the Constitution isn’t serious doesn’t make sense at all. She is acting like the Constitution isn’t serious, and anything in it can be twisted in a way just to put more money in rich politicians pockets. The Constitution is a serious matter, and shouldn’t be ignored in the process of our government.

The Constitution is a document that was made to protect our rights as citizens, but our government is trying to take away a major right, and worst of all, they are getting away with it. When the former Speaker of the House was speaking about the Affordable Care Act, she said that they would have to pass the bill to know what is in it. That sound like our government is not paying attention to what they’re doing, and what bills they are passing. The government has the power to regulate commerce among the states, but that power neither includes nor implies the authority to force individuals to purchase particular products. That fact seems to be completely ignored, or looked over in our government today. The Constitution divides power among the branches of the federal government, but today’s government features countless agencies that combine executive, legislative, and judicial functions. Our politicians and senators and even our president are taking our rights to give politicians more money than they need.

Many people would say that Obamacare helps the people that can not afford health care. That is reasonable, but the government should not force every single family and person. The citizens who have health care, have be fined for staying with their healthcare provider. Congress doesn’t have the authority to pass a bill that takes away the rights of citizens. Don’t you agree? Obamacare wouldn’t be a bad thing, if they rethought fining people for not having it. Health care is an important thing for people, but it should not be taken as something that can take away Constitutional rights.

The Constitution was made to protect citizens and to make sure no person or government can take away their rights. Our government is trying to take away a right that is a very important one. To make sure the government can not make you buy a federal product. Obamacare breaks a lot of rules and rights, but it doesn’t seem to matter according to Congress and the President. Congress didn’t even understand the Affordable Care Act bill before they passed it The bad thing is that our society accepts anything that says we don’t have to be independent. Dependence is a big problem with our country, it’s one of the reasons our country has money problems. Obamacare should not be considered okay in any way. We shouldn’t allow our country to do things to violate our rights as U.S. citizens. The problem is people have learned they don’t have to work our be independent, and they can just depend on the government without anything to stop them. Obamacare doesn’t go along the guidelines of the Constitution, which isn’t okay. Our job as citizens is to stand up to corrupt government, which is what is needed now. Nobody should take away the rights of us as citizens, so we need to take a final stand to fix our government.

My Springtime Poem

The Walnut Tree

As I looked out the window, into the shadow of the walnut tree, its immense branches swaying under the force of the pale wind.

As they try to withstand the force being put upon them,

I felt a connection between them and me.

I think of the branches, at the mercy of the weather and mother nature. It would be a monotonous life, but complaining is not accepted.

They open the curled sleeping fingers of newborn leaves to provide shade as Spring approaches.

I feel as if I am a branch, at the mercy to the ones around me, but

does not complain.

To help other people as I go, trying to provide shade from the world.

As I looked out the window, I think about the things I have done.

I wonder if I will break off from the force of the wind, or stand sturdy and ready for the life ahead.

By: Connor Maple

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