Making Inferences

An inference - a conclusion made based on evidence and reasoning

Based on this picture, I can infer that this woman is allergic to cats.

An inference I can make is that this woman is calling the doctor because she looks really sick.

An inference I can make is that this person is trying to lose weight or get healthier because he is grabbing a plate heaped with salad.

Everett held his father's hand as he crossed the busy parking lot. They walked into a grocery store. Everett's dad lifted him into the seat of the shopping cart. “Here,” said dad, “You can hold my shopping list.”

An inference I can make based on the text is that Everett is really young because only little kids ride in the seat on the grocery cart.

You have just gotten a pit bull puppy from an animal shelter. He's lovable but nervous. If you raise your voice for any reason, he cowers and trembles. If you scold him, he hides. When you got him from the shelter, he had a slight limp and a deep scratch across his nose.

An inference I can make is that this animal has been abused and then given up, because he is skittish and has a cut.

I quickly packed my suitcase. I tossed in a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and a hairbrush. Glancing at my watch, I zipped the suitcase and walked to the front door. After I shut the window blinds, I pulled a heavy coat from the closet.

An inference I can make is that the person packing is going on a long trip to somewhere cold.

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