Al Capone Does My Shirts by: Drew S., Jackson P., and Landon M.

Book Summary/ events

In Al Capone Does My Shirts Mathew "Moose" Flanagan moved to Alcatraz. Moose has a sister named Natalie. Moose has a friend named Scott who plays baseball with Moose on Mondays. The island he lives on has murderers, hit men, con men, stickup men, embezzlers, connivers, burglars, and kidnappers. In the story Moose meets a girl named Piper who's dad is the warden. She thinks that Natalie has something wrong with her. In the beginning of the book Moose moves to Alcatraz. They get a general tour of the island like where everything is. Near the middle of the book moose meets a friend named Scout who plays baseball. Every Monday they play baseball on the parade grounds. At the end Natalie gets into Ester P. Marinof school.

Character Traits

Moose is a person who likes to follow the rules. Acts like a normal kid. Friendly to most people. Moose is the main character of the book. He is tall and skinny. He is 5ft 11. Moose is short tempered. His real name is Matthew Flanagan. He plays baseball. He will yell at anyone even his parents. Moose  yells if someone says something bad about Natalie. He is funny, serious, and friendly. Moose is 12 years old.


Compare and Contrast Alcatraz & Hanoi Hilton

Alcatraz is a prison in the San Francisco Bay and Hanoi Hilton is in Vietnam. Prisoners in Alcatraz are Al Capone, George "Machine Gun" Kelly, and "The Birdman". Hanoi prisoners are many people in the Vietnam War. Alcatraz served in American wars and Hanoi served in the Vietnam war.

Alcatraz and Hanoi served as a war base. They both are prisons. They both served during a war. They are now museum type things. They have recreation yards. They are both big.

Alcatraz and Al Capone Facts

Al Capone was a crime boss in Chicago. He played the banjo. The prison where he was kept, Alcatraz, held the first lighthouse in the Pacific Coast. It was possible to swim to the shore from Alcatraz. Out of 36 attempts to escape only one has escaped. Three people have supposedly drowned or they are the only ones to escape Alcatraz. Alcatraz was used as a military base. Al Capone stayed in Glenwood Springs, Colorado in Hotel Colorado.

Figurative Language

pg.43  My face burns. Like my ears are two heaters attached to my head. This is a simile. It means he was really mad.

pg.3  Alcatraz is so close to San Fransisco you can hear them call score at a baseball game. OK not that close. This is a metaphor. It means Alcatraz is close to San Francisco.

pg.4  The water at night is black and shiny like tar. This is a simile. It means that the reflection of the moon makes the water look like tar.

pg.54 To a curve in a hill where you can park 31 cars. This is a metaphor. It means the curve in the hill is big.   

pg.164 "You like to play with fire. You love being around all this criminal stuff." This is a simile. It means that you like dangerous things or are a risk taker.


Book Discussion

Point of View

The point of view is first person told in the perspective of Moose. The point of view is a like a life story. It tells about what Moose does in the story. It tells in first person what Moose does, how he acts, and what happens in the story.

Mood and Theme

The theme of the story is friendship and adventurous. Its friendship because as the story progresses the characters make friends. Its also adventurous because they get a tour of the island. That allows them to go everywhere they go. The mood of the story is sad or dreary at the beginning but at the end it gets happy.

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