Roman Houses Advancing

By Aidan Restelli

This picture is of a higher class villa with all the modern amenities including a pool, mosaic tiles, pillars, and arches.

ROME, AUGUST 9, 5 C.E. - The modern architects have been working on new technology in the houses for this year. Architects and engineers are using marble, pillars, heating pipes, arches, and new types of tiles for mosaics.  In this new era of comfort and safety, many of our larger houses and temples are held up by pillars. But now architects have introduced the arch, a curved beam that can span tens of feet. These arches will hold up the best architectural masterpieces. With this comes open rooms with no pillars!

Caesar from The Stone Engineering Co. says, "These arches are the future of Roman structures. I will bet that they will last 1000 years."

In the walls of the newest villas lies a solution to cold nights. Pipes! Pipes of heated water that flow from the boiler into the wall help maintain a comfortable environment. This invention will create a barrier from the cold.

Octavian, an renowned architect states, "Heated walls will keep the cold out and the warmth in at night and during the winter. This method is revolutionary."

One last feature for the house that engineers recommend for their newest designs is a tile pattern. Artists can be hired to create murals of gold colored clay or just a simple black and white pattern to help that lacking room in any house.

This blueprint illustrates a common design for a villa from Rome.

Newly Remodeled

Come down to see the new, old-style theater in Marcellus.

It can now hold 14,000 spectators, and it is showing Plautus, a comedy at 3:30, 5:30, and 7:30 on August 10, 5 C.E.

This is a animated restoration of a Roman villa with all the modern enhancements.

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