Your Headline

In session 1 we identify the word robot what does it do and how it helps people working. Then we labeled a robot to  see what we have been learning, but most peaces on the robot are labeled like the peaces on the microscope. the last thing we did in session 1 was activate the robot SAM on a launch program.

session 2

in session 2 we played had to program a network to sam in order for him to lift a grab an object. And we taught him how to pick it up just by programming it. The last thing we did was talk about how would the robot help.

session 3

session 4

In session 4 we had to connect the cords to the NXT brick so the car can move, and to make it light up. When you get to the page were you can launch the Lego brick program you have to title it light sensor. After that you connect the cord and download the piece from the Lego brick program. Then the light would light up.

session 5

In session 5 we added the light sensor connect the cords, and turn the NXT brick car on. then we had launched the Lego brick program on and programed it and downloaded the movement and sensor on it. When we Finnish we put the car on the ground and clap to see would it move, and if it did you had to see how would it help.

session 6

in session 6 we just connected the cords and go to the Lego brick program and title it dark colors. So we downloaded it after we added all the parts together then put it on a mat or something that had color on it and see how would it react. Then we got a white piece of paper to make the nxt car brick move.

session 7

in session 7 we connected the cords and launched the Lego brick program and added a lot of movement onto the Lego brick. but when we finished we downloaded it onto the car and search the program select it. then you had to put some balls on the rack and try to pick them up with the NXT brick.



Robots can go with being a mechanic because of it can help you put some of the pieces in the car you cant reach. Also it can help you with some parts that are hazard it can also pick up some heavy things that you cant pick up. Because of its gripper and you can also program it to do something for you so it can be your labor or slave. But i liked robots the most because of you get to learn how it works and probably come face to face with one and you would know how to work it already.