Letter Home
By: Isabel P.

Dear Family back on Mars,

I miss u all back on Mars. I landed on a green, blue, and whitish planet. I think it's called Earth. I saw weird looking living thing. They are black, and white. First all at once they all pecked at me. Then they started to run away from me. I chased after them for help.

I needed help to find at where I was, cause it was really, really cold. I wasn't used to the weather. There was a cold solid thing here. I think it was frozen water. I tried to lick it, but my tongue got stuck on it, but I got it off, it was painful. Even the water was partly frozen.  I went in the water and came out, and almost  froze to death  un-till this weird looking person help me. He took me someplace really warm. He also gave me something to eat. It tasted funky. It must be the food here. After that I told him thanks, he ask me where I was from. I told him where i was from he laughed at be, and hurt-ed my feelings. I really didn't care that he laughed at me. That's just the way he is. He doesn't understand me very well, but oh well.

It has been like 10 million years sense I got here, and it's my first time writing. Well see ya in 100 years.

PS: Has soon has I get home I'll show you my snow globe I got from the weird looking person. Also I meet a new alien Bob.



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