Writing- Used to be on the Road- Now Stuck in the Ditch-  Ideas

So, Garrett's teacher is using this to publish student writing.  I thought it would be fun to try it out, learn about how this works and maybe use it in our presentation.

I think the way this works is that it is basically like an interactive bulletin board.  So, everyone add your ideas and let's see what happens.

Definitions of each type of writing

What grammar pieces fit in with the different types of writing

How the Lucy Calkins writing fits with the pacing guides and standards

Taking one type of writing through the process- opinion/argumentative- what it is, what grammar pieces lend themselves well to opinion writing, which unit in Lucy fits, teaching points, assessment

Note-Taking tips- maybe using tackk

Puzzle with the progression

What will change/ What won't change

Tackk it up!

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