Are you ready for a scare??

Come to the Haunted Mansion

The legend of the Haunted Mansion is that in the early 1500's a mean old lady lived in the mansion. She was the worst most evil person in the entire village. Nobody liked her, and every Halloween she would lock up her house and hide from all the children. The one and only thing that she was afraid of was ghosts and other monster. What she hadn't realized was that some of the children snuck into her house and put up a fake ghost. So that night when she walked into her living room the ghost popped out. She was so scared that she died of fright. To this day she still haunts the house looking for the children or teens to come and live with her forever.

  • Starting on Saturday October 28 -Friday October 31.
  • Open from Noon- 11:00 p.m. from the 28th to the 30th.
  • On the 31st we are open until Midnight!
  • Come to the Mansion and get ready for a scare.
  • We are all about fun but we still have rules. Read the rules we have at the bottom of the page.
  • What we have in store for you is sure to scare the socks off of you. Down below is a little sneak-peek at the Haunted Mansion...

Here is a little Halloween music to listen to and enjoy! As you are listening to the music also read the rules below it please. Thank you.

This event is not recommended for pregnant women or people with high blood pressure, back or neck or heart ailments. Not recommended for children under the age of 10. Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety for the children in their care. We use strobe lights, fog machines, animatronics, and loud noises to scare you. Please do not touch props, animatronics, or volunteers; and we will try not to touch you. Also, no flashlights, cell phones, lighters, glow necklaces, or weapons are allowed. No refunds will be given after the purchase of a ticket. We reserve the right to refuse service and reserve the right to escort you from the premises.

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3 years ago

Awesome but too many rules!!! Bestie I C U!! Mwahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahaha