Feudal Japan
By: Allie Miller

1. Feudalism is a form of Government.

2. The rise of feudalism began when daimyo were fighting out of control and the government couldn't control them and vassals became gardians for the diamyo.

3. Three forms of art would be a monument of Nakano Takeko, a second on would be Bonsi/Zen gardens, the last one would be Haiku (a form of poetry). These peices of art impacted this sociaty because they were trying to rememberr there fallen, there houses, and there explorations.

4. Merchants are on the bottom because they didn't have much money or anything to get higher up the chain. The Pesant is second to last because they were farmers and fishers and not as important as priests or the king. Samerai are third in the triangle because they were warriors and not as important as Daimto and Shogons. Daimyo is second on the chart because theses people were heavy land. The Shogon is first because he/she was considerd ruler of Japan.

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