The Southern Colonies

The Ideal Place for Agriculture.

The Colonies included in the Southern colonies are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.

Southern Colonies Climate

The Southern Colonies are very warm and they have the longest growing season! More growing of cash crops equals more cash for you and your family!

Georgia Sunset. Even when the sun is setting it is still very nice and warm!

Southern Colonies Agriculture

Here in the Southern Colonies, the soil is very rich and absolutely perfect for growing all of those cash crops, such as tobacco, rice and cotton! You can have your own stunning plantation if you decide to go into the cash crops industry!

Southern Colonies Industry

Here we have several major industries which will help you earn that cash, and fast! We have farming those cash crops, shipbuilding, and timber.

Cash Crops: You can work out in the fields with the crops, or you can buy a plantation and some land so you are the boss!

Shipbuilding: Since all the colonies are on the coastline, shipbuilding is very important to the running of this colonial region. We could always use more shipbuilders!

Timber: With several trees in this area you can go right into the timber industry. Here in the Southern Colonies, people are always looking to buy new timber items.

The tobacco plant. This small little plant can bring you lots of money!

The Southern Colonies is the best location for you and your family!