Kiara Farr
9th Grade
May 2, 2014
Mrs. Edwards
Hunt High School

Project purpose: Is to become more familiar with becoming a Pediatrician and going to ECU and getting a degree that will help me to pursue this type of career.

1. Ultimate Goal: Pediatrician

2. Description: Physicians who diagnose treat and help prevent children's diseases and injuries

3. The reason I wanted to pursue this career is because I love to work with kids and making sure they're cared for so they can go on and have a good life without any worries about diseases or anything.

5. It will approximately take 11 years to reach this goal.

6. A Bachelor's Degree will be required.  


7. ECU
Greenville, NC

8. Tuition: Not living on campus: $3,758 and Living on campus: $12,058

9. The ratio of undergraduate students to teachers at this college is 18, 1.

10. 3 other colleges that I'm looking at are UNC, A&T, Duke.

11. There are no high school chemistry required to be admitted in this college.

12. Chemistry will be required to earn a degree in this area.

13. The minimum HS GPA is 4.0 or higher.


14. Classes I can take to help me prepare for this career are Biology, Spanish, and Calculus

15.Other degrees that I'm interested in just in case I have to change majors is the Master of Business Administration and the Bachelor's of Arts.

16.I learned more about being creative so people can have a good way of understanding and I also learned more about Pediatricians and what they do and what it takes to reach that goal.

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