Jay Cho Tackk Project
Act 4

Act 4, Lord Montague, Jay Cho, Per 8

Everything going worse. My wife, Lady Capulet is dying now, because of Romeo’s Banishment. why did he should banished from Verona? Damn Capulet! All these happens are because of Capulet. If Tybalt didn’t killed Mercurio, Romeo didn’t have to kill the Tybalt, and he could be able to not banished from the Verona. by this happenings, I cursed Capulet to be unlucky and the tragedy happen for Capulet. I think that curse succeeded, because the daughter of Capulet died today. I don’t know the tragedy really happen, but the curse became real! It is little bit sorry for capulet, because I know the sadness that Missing child. By the death of Capulet’s daughter, the marriage with Paris and Capulet’s daughter was canceled. Suddenly, I curious that how Capulet’s daughter looks like. Therefore, I went to the funeral of Capulet’s daughter. Her name is Juliet, and she was beautiful even I hate Capulet. I could understand that why Paris want to marry with Juliet. Now a days, there are too much bad news. Mercurio died, Romeo banished from the Verona, my wife seek and the daughter of Capulet died… I think I’m going to seek soon. Why there are only bad news…

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