MEDIA - Branding

1. I like Nike brand things because they fit me as a person I've been wearing Nike since I was a New Born. I don't think I'll ever stop wearing Nike.

2. I watch the NBA because I love Basketball but I'll stop watching it soon as Lebron James stops playing.

3. I like the car brand Impala because the gas miles is high so I can save money on gas, but I would find a different car if the Impala's prices start rising.

What do popular logos have in common? What makes them memorable?

The logos of the brands are big because they're on social media for everybody to see, Nike and Impala have a common meaning because the sign on nike stands for going fast and the sign for Impala is the animal Impala that runs fast to.

If you were to make a logo for yourself, what would it be?

If I was to make a logo I'll make it as a dog because I like dogs, I have five pit bulls.