Why You Should Opt For Getting Singapore STD Testing

Singapore STD testing is now available to diagnose STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) at your own decision with an affordable price. This is a more conventional way for STD testing because it saves time and also avoids stigma for the patient that goes for the diagnosis of STD since the owners have managed it such that their services are faster. Patients are usually reluctant to go to their local clinic for tests because they fear being judged by other people. STD testing is the solution for the problems of patients who want to be tested for STD and is reliable, cost efficient and confidential.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's) that can be tested for vary and include:HIV/AIDS,Gonorrhea, Syphillis and Candidiasis

The advantage of Singapore STD test is that the patient can choose whether to test the presence of most, if not all, of the STDs or can choose what STD to check, depending on the possible exposure of the individual. Symptoms of STDs are usually vague and often resemble each other, which makes the FULL STD screening advantageous.

Singapore STD testing clinics offer home STD test kits that can be applied online. The home STD test kits are usually mailed to recipients where they collect urine samples and resend it back to STD clinics for testing. In this way, patients don't have to be present for testing. Results are also reliable and quick and are sent to the recipient again. Results may also be checked online.

Home STD test kits offered by Singaporeclinics compose of a specimen bottle for urine. These are mailed through posts from the online store or clinic. After which, the container is mailed back using prepaid postage. Results are available after 3 days or more depending on the STD to be checked.

By using the Singapore STD kits, the privacy of the individual is protected.Singapore STD clinics also allow the use of false or anonymous names to protect the client . In addition,Singapore STD clinics also do not share the information to third parties, thereby ensuring confidentiality and maintaining privacy of the client.

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