Internet Safety

Internet Safety Poster

Safe surfing

  1. One of the safe things to do when you upload an image is to try not to take a picture of the background or else someone could come after you and you could be in danger and never give out phone numbers addresses or even where you live it could even be dangerous to tell them your full name sometimes.

The risk kids can face

2. The risks that kids can face is that they could be expelled or suspended if they upload any inappropriate images on the internet because it could eventually spread to the whole school or the entire world.

Protect yourself                                 

3. A good thing to do would to maybe put your social account ex. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on Privacy if possible so people that are friends with you can only see your account images.                                          Social network tips

4. People should try not to go on social media a lot or they might get addicted to it and you will go on it every single day and you will never get off it until you have to get a job.

                                                                        Other ideas related to safety

5 .I think people should just be cautious of what they're doing and try not to do the wrong thing on social networking sites or even online and make sure not to (Cyber Bully or even Bully in general).                                        

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