Poetry Elements-Grade 6-A. Mayfield L. Yarborough

Ticklish Tom, written by Shel Silverstein, is about a boy named Tom who keeps getting tickled by people . An example of rhyme in this poem is: "Did you hear 'bout Ticklish Tom? He got tickled by his mom. Wiggled and and giggled and fell on the floor. Laughed and rolled right out the door." There is also rhythm in the poem.

The Meehoo With an exactlywatt is written by Shel Silverstein. An example of repetition is: "Yes, I have an Exactlywatt on a chain! Exactly what on a chain? Yes! Yes, what? No Exactlywatt." I couldn't find any other sound devices.

Prediction is written by Bruce Lanksy.Some examples of simile in the poem is: "Poor as a church mouse. strong as an ox, cute as a button, smart as a fox." There aren't any other sound devices in this poem.

Stars is written by Josh Alfred. Some examples of alliteration in this poem is: "Set against shadowed skies, silver stars shined and shimmered." There are no other sound devices in this poem.

Onomatopoeia is written by Jonathon Goldman. Some examples of Onomatopoeia are: "The clouds do darken, the rain does drop. I wonder when its going to stop.The pitter-patter of rain does fall. Against my windows, against my wall."

The Olympic Runner is written by Jacinta Ramaysia. Some examples are "His feet ate the dust as he ran the endless track". I couldn't find any other sound devices.

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