Oso Mudslide

The event is the Oso mudslide.

There are no real people in this cartoon.

The sign represents a mudslide warning.

The opinion is that maybe the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is to blame for the mudslide because they're the ones managing things like mudslides and floods. (That's why the people in the cartoon need to check with them, because they're supposed to manage mudslides and floods.)

I disagree with the opinion, because I don't think you can blame someone for not realizing that, hey, maybe there's gonna be a landslide over here.  


The event is NSA's spying being "reined in".

There are no real people in this cartoon.

All three monkeys represent the NSA, and the middle monkey represents the NSA looking for something.

The opinion is that the NSA is basically evil.

I agree to an extent, because I wouldn't go so far as to say that the NSA is evil, but yeah, they shouldn't be monitering EVERY LITTLE THING because they're paranoid.

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