Brazil team doctor Rodrigo - Las Malta announced that Neymar injury diagnosed vertebral fractures, have been identified to bid farewell to the World Cup. xbox 360 fifa 14 coins In Colombia 1/4 finals, Neymar was the other guard knocked down from behind with his knee, the pain immediately fell to the ground, away from the pitch on a stretcher and rushed to hospital in Fortaleza San Carlos.

After the hospital examination, found Neymar III vertebral fracture injury, fortunately nerve injuries, but has been impossible to return to the World Cup. Doctors said Neymar requires bed rest a month, and reduce as much as possible to stand up.

"Does not need surgery, but he wound needs to be fixed, to be recovered." Doctor Las Marr said, "Unfortunately, he could not play the World Cup, the rehabilitation period is expected to be four to six weeks, but this is only the initial expected, but also not sure how long it will eventually need rehabilitation, we also need to assess the results of other tests. "READ MORE: FIFA 14 PS3 Coins