My Goal Journal

I have followed through with my steps to reaching my goal and every week for the past three months I have been typing at home twice a week. I have also been typing every school day in Info Pro and have noticed improvement in my typing. Hopefully I will have reached my goal of being able to type 25 words per minute by February 4th, 2014, which is in four days. This will be the moment of truth to see if planning out a goal will help you in succeeding it.

It is February 4, 2014 the day I was hoping my goal would have been reached and I have just checked my average speed on typing club, and I have excelled a little bit past my goal and my typing speed average is 26 words per minute!!! I guess planning out a goal and doing the steps correctly will reward you with the satisfaction of knowing you reached your goal. Now that I have reached this goal I think that I will plan out some more goals at home for myself and see if I can make them happen too.

Entry #1

Goal: Be able to type at 25 words per minute, by February 4, 2014.

Measurable Evidence: The average speed on typing club is the actual evidence and I will have to increase my wpm by about 13 wpm.

How hard did you really work to achieve your goal: I typed at home two times a week and every day at Info. Pro, which is a lot of typing, meaning I had to work hard to get my typing to 25 wpm. The goal was 25 wpm and at the time I could only type at about 12 wpm, so I had to increase my speed by 13 wpm.

How do I know I have reached my goal OR How do I know I am on track of reaching my goal: I know I have reached my goal when my average speed on typing club on the scoreboard is 25 wpm.

Your feeling of success: I feel very successful because before I only had 12 wpm and i increased my speed by 13 wpm which is a lot. I thought I would never reach 25 wpm and now that I have I feel amazed.

To make my goal completely measurable I could have the certain days of the week I would practice typing.

Entry #2

I have set a new goal because I finished the first one.

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