9/11 - The Attacks

The second tower right before it was hit.

The second tower after it was hit.

A firetruck that was hit when the second tower fell.

A museum has been made in to honor the people killed on 9/11. The museum has been placed where the Twin Towers stood.

On the sides of the waterfall, all the names of the people that were killed on 9/11 are engraved in.

Overhead view of the museum.

Photo of the light beams that shoot up from where each tower stood.

Many people cried after 9/11. Many lost people that they loved on 9/11.

All planes were grounded after the planes hit the tower.

My Opinions On 9/11

In my opinion, 9/11 is a terrible thing that should never happen again. It was a national tragedy and many lives were lost. Many brave people risked their lives to save others in the building and many of them were killed.

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