Saving or Wasting

Most of you have probably heard of fossil fuels and you know that they don't come back, once they go away they go away and don't come back.Ever.

fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are made from fossils,so dead plants and animals that have compessed over time from layers of different kind of soil.Fossil fuels are limited because it will take millions of years to get another supply of them and by that time you and me will be dead, so lets think about are options really qick, what will you do?

renweable reasources

Renweable reasources are a great choice! Now that people have reconized that renewable reasources can do the great job that fossil fuels d.Now we can use wind energy, solar energy, water energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy.

a different kind of energy

Today we can use solar panels and wind turbinds,hidroelectric turbin, heat from the earth,and biofuels to power our cars and to get heat and to do many other things in our lives

change the world

We can make a difference and make the number one priority saving energy and making better choices for this planet by saving nonrenewable reasources, and use renewable ones.What is most important to you saving the world or  getting the right energy source?

           Make your choice?

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