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Rohypnol as a pill

Name of drug:Rohypnol


Street names:Roach,roofies,rope, roophies

What it looks like: A small white tablet with no taste or smell when dissolved in drinks.

Background:Rohypnol is another name for flunitrazepam outside of the united states.Rohypnol is legally manufactured by Heffmn-Laroche,Inc.The drug is taken with alchol or marijuana to enchance intoxication.Rohypnol also enchances the high or eases withdrawal symptoms or heroin,mellows the high or cocaine.

History:Illicit use of Rohypnol began in the 1970s in europe and appeared in the united states i the early 1990s.Much of the concern surrounding Rohypnol is its abuse as a "date rape" drug.Rohypnol is a tasteless and odorless drug and until recent manufactuer efforts,dissolved clear in liquid which hid its presence.

Statistics:Data concering rohypnol abuse is somewhat sketchy due to the drug's.Illegality and use is strictly illcit.However what statistical data there are suggest that rohypnol use is relatively and appears to be on the decline used primalrily by young people.:

Interesting facts: rohypnol is tasteless and odorless,dissolves easily in corbonated beverages,mostly teenagers and young adults use more likely to use rohypnol,rohypnol is illegal in the united states

Drug catagory:Depressents it basically means it reduces or depresses the fuction of the central nervous system

Come from: Comes from plant known as the scopolamine and you can not make the drug since only drug companies has access to this drug for surgery so there is no lab mexico is the only country it was invented in

Medical uses: Past uses a treatment for insomnia now it is used to rape someone or to rob someone from him or her remembering what happend.

Addictive:Yes causing Rohypnol dependence addictive meaning causing or likely to cause someone to become stuck to it and tolerance to rohypnol is increased after cotinued use meaning used more than one time.

used:Swalled whole,dissolved in drinks,snorted or smoked with marijuana

Long term:Rohypnol can produce physical and psychological dependence

Short term:The drug creates a sleepy relaxed,and drunk feeling that lasts 2 to 8 hours.Other effects may include black outs with a compete loss of memory,dizzines and disorientation,nausea,difficulty with motor movements and speaking.

Withdraw symptoms:Confusion,Depressing,Headache,Slurred speech,Blurred vision,fear,nausea,diarrhea

Treatment:Individual therapy,Rehab,medication management,12-step education

dissolved in drinks


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