Gallaudet University

College Presentation

-Originally Gallaudet was housing  for 12 deaf students and 6 blind student and was originally called the Columbia Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb and Blind.

-In 1894 the name of the college portion of the institution was changed to Gallaudet University in honor of Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and through an act of Congress in 1954, the entire institution became known as Gallaudet University.

-Mascot: Bison

-Academic components: Sign-language Interpretation

  1. A four-year format; 39 credits in the BA ASL-English Interpretation major; and supporting courses in Deaf Studies, biology, business, communication studies, linguistics, and sociology are taken,
  2. Various and/or customized interpreting internship options fitting student's goals are available
  3. A comprehensive, sequenced, and integrated series of courses and experiences that are intended to provide students with knowledge, fieldwork, techniques and interpreting skills in interactive interpreting in legal, education, medical, business, and government settings.

-ACT & SAT requirements:

ACT Score Admission Chances

20 and Above Good

18 to 20 Avg +

15 to 18 Avg -

12 to 15 Reach

Less than 12 Low

SAT Score (1600 scale) Admission Chances

930 and Above Good

812 to 930 Avg +

693 to 812 Avg -

574 to 693 Reach

Less than 574 Low

- Student Life:

Have movie night every week on Monday's in the Student Center.

-Tuition and Fee Schedules
Basic Costs per Semester Fall 2014/Spring 2015

U.S. Students

Undergraduate Graduate

Tuition $7,249.00

Unit Fee $138.00

Room $3,540.00

Board $2,640.00

Health Insurance Fee (Annual) $3,404.00*

Health Service Fee $125.00

Full-Time Student Total $17,096.00

Commuter Student Total $10,916.00

Part-Time Student Per Credit Total $724.90

- Career Description/ Duties:

A sign language interpreter is responsible for helping deaf or hearing impaired individuals understand what is being said in a variety of situations. An interpreter must understand the subject matter so he or she can accurately translate what is being spoken into sign language. Whenever an audience will be in need of sign language interpretation, a sign language interpreter is needed, such as during an office meeting, in a court room or at a presidential speech.


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that in May 2013, the median yearly salary for interpreters and translators, including those specializing in sign language, was $42,420.


The shortage of qualified interpreters affects deaf people of all ages, in school and at work. College students struggle to find qualified interpreters for their courses; mainstreamed deaf children often have poor quality interpreters or no interpreter demand very high.

-Job requirements:

Most employers require sign language interpreters to have a degree or vocational training. Certification is not usually required by employers, but can help a person provide documentation for his or her skills in sign language interpretation. There are several organizations that offer general interpreting certifications, but the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) offers certification specifically for sign language interpreters. The RID offers the Oral Transliteration Certificate for those who can demonstrate sign language interpretation skills

Fight Song

Recommendation Letter

To whom it may concern,

I’m writing this letter for Daniella Castor, for the admission to the University of Gallaudet. Ms.Castor is a commendable student, who is extremely dedicated academically and into helping her community. Her personality is very friendly and she is genuinely positive. She is undoubted professionally and is behavior is regularly appropriate.

Ms. Castor is very talented individual not only academically but also musically. She uses her ability of music talents in her community while helping in retreats for different ministries at her church. She is an organized person and i have notice her illusion that she has for her goals. She is very dedicated to her work and does not let any disruptions distract her from doing her tasks.

Ms. Castor is ready to obtain new challenges to expand her knowledge. There is no doubt that Ms. Castor is going to be a benefit to your University and will be pleased to observe how she is professionally . If you have any questions about Daniella Castor you can contact me at or at (915) 897-5631

Best wishes,Sydney Lopez

El Dorado 9th grade academy

El Paso Tx. 79938

Cell: (915) 897-5631

Persuasive Essay

        As child everything seems easy, all seems right in the world and it appears that you can do anything your little heart desires. Then, you grow up life gets hard and you lose interest in things that used to matter the most. Often not doing things when they were needed to be done leaving you later in life regretting the choice.

        School has always been my escape from everything, whether I was trying to hide from the other kids around me that I never wanted to talk to because they were so mean or I was trying to occupy my mind because my parents might have been arguing at the moment. Never the less school has always been my priority don't get me wrong my parents are loving and as everyone else they have flaws but for some reason it was just harder for me to ignore that fact that everyone fights, at one point or another and when that non-acceptance occurred it only pushed me harder to excel as much as I could because I thought maybe that would make mom and dad stop fighting so much.

        In reality,  it turns out I wasn't really much of the issue because of my young age( at about 6 or 7)I had not completely understood what was going on with my family. My mother had been working 2 jobs that didn't pay much while also attending school. Also my father trying to find a job and still finding a way of paying for loans my mother had made to pay for both of their college education it had took a lot of stress on my parents and while their whole day could have been extremely hectic they still had to come home to a 7 year old child that needed care and attention. Over the years I saw the struggle my parents went through of working to put food on the table, struggling to keep good grades to get their degrees, and also trying to raise a child.

       Now that I am older, I understand the how hard it is to go through life trying to get something done that was supposed to be finished at an earlier time, and I know I don't want to make the same mistake my parents did when they were younger. My parents are an example of one of my biggest drives to finish my education first, because of my drive to better my education it is one of my many reasons I believe I am the best candidate for a scholarship.

Cover Page

Alan Hurwitz

Gallaudet University

800 Florida Avenue Northeast, Washington, DC 20002

May 19,2015.

To whom it may concern,

I am applying for the opportunity to be a of a Sign -language interpreter for the visitors center in response to a student employment career ad on the Gallaudet website.

I am currently looking for an opportunity to be able to develop my sign-language interpretation abilities and what better way than this student employment. At the moment I am studying to become a speech language pathologist, which also studying to be a sign language interpreter that involve skills I am working to develop to better help others in my career future. Secondly, I have much experience with working with other people and have a fair ability to work and interact with those around me because of my past volunteer work in my community. During my volunteer work I was often the one to be put as a leader. This position came with great challenges and responsibilities such as time management, team communication skills, and the ability to work together with a large amount of people.

I have noticed that my studies of being a speech language pathologist and sign-language interpretation is playing an important role in the ability to help a deaf and hearing person communicate fluently . I believe I am a good candidate for the position of being a sign- language interpreter in you student employment center and this position will be a perfect opportunity for me to help develop not only my sign- language interpretation skills but also to better myself as a person to be able to work better under pressure. I hope to be in an exciting career and future with helping those at our school and for those who chose to visit to see how important communication is and how not many are able to do just that . I would like the opportunity for an interview so that I can further express my interest as being able to be hired in your visitors center as an interpreter.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Daniella Castor

1324 Bell Side Ave.



Daniella Castor

123 New Haven Place

Sacramento California 49753

Phone (456) 123-4567


Obtain employment within an organization where I will be able to provide assistance to children with hearing impairment.


Sign-language interpreter

January 2014 - Present

Dehlia James Washington DC

I have helped several of my clients by interpreting and or translating anything a hearing person says to them if they do not know how to sign.

I have also worked in several different environments such as schools, physical and speech therapy clinics and other medical locations.


Pebble Hills High School, El Paso, TX.

High School Diploma, May 2015

For half of freshman year

UTEP, El Paso, TX

Masters in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology, May 2015

Gallaudet University, Washington, DC

Bachelors in Sign-language interpretation, May 2015

Northwest Early College High School, El Paso, TX

Completed coursework towards High School Diploma, Dec 2014


I am certified in Microsoft Word 2013 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.

I also have very good people skills because of much community service done mainly in my church community.

I also help in many music ministries helping by singing to ill people in hospitals.

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