Have any viruses been used in Biological Warfare?

Created by: Jaleah Royster & Robert Helms

Has the idea of Biological Warfare been considered?

  • During the cold war Britain was the first to suggest using an enhanced version of smallpox to take down adversaries.

Has Biological Warfare ever been attempted?

  • In 1992, a soviet defeater revealed o western intelligence that he had overseen an extensive, illegal experiment to develop smallpox into a highly effective biological weapon.

Is Biological Warfare still a threat today?

  • There is an increasing amount of concern over the possibility of terrorist using biological weaponry to threaten military's and civilian populations.


To our conclusion we have discovered that viruses are used in warfare and it is still a threat today, there have been many cases were extremist groups have been found guilty of trying to obtain Microorganisms found in deadly viruses.

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