Rick Snyder

website of the governor: www.michigan.gov/snyder

video: http://www.wxyz.com/dpp/news/only-on-7-governor-rick-snyders-video-deposition


As a child, home for Rick Snyder was a 900-square foot house in Battle Creek, where he lived with his mother, a homemaker, and his father, who owned a small window cleaning company. Growing up, he did the normal kid things: attending the local public school, spending his summers swimming, fishing and working at a general store at nearby Gun Lake. He also did some things that weren't typical -- like calculating the tip at restaurants for his mom when he was five and reading Business Week when he was only eight. It's no surprise that Snyder proudly describes himself as "one tough nerd."

What he does

Rick snyder is the 48th governor of Michigan , when he was sworn into the office on Jan. 1, 2011. His goal was to make more and better jobs. With the states people and economy struggling, snyder infused his administration with a sense of urgency, and saying that he wanted to accomplish a four year of policy reforms in his first year. Also, with Snyder's leadership, the state has eliminated its $1.5 billion structural deficit and produced three balanced budgets without any accounting gimmicks. The state's "rainy day" fund has gone from nearly zero to a balance of more than $500 million thanks to his cooperation.

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