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3 years ago

The video showed the 7 lives changed by bullying Phoebe Prince, Jon Carmichael, Josie Lou Ratley, Michael Brewer, Jessica Logan, Eric Mohat and Megan Meier. They all had experiences with bullying that led to major injuries and for some suicide. 2 where majorly injured one burned and the other kicked and stomped on by steel toed shoes. 5 commited suicide because there harassers went too far and drove them to suicide. The kids involved were charged with different things some with murder. There are 10 organizations that have started bully-free campaigns like: The Trevor Project, The National Center for Bullying Prevention, STOMP Out Bullying, The Matthew Shepard Foundation, GLSEN, The Human Rights Campaign's Welcoming Schools Guide, PFLAG, Department of Civil Rights, GLTBQ and LGBT.

2 years ago

I love zombies they are cool and this is in general in good horror movies and a TV show like the walking dead.