Legacy Project


Self Reflection

I am..


One of my character traits is honesty. Proof, from my Allan Drive experiences, that I'm honest is when we were creating magazines earlier this year, I would read everyone in my group's articles and tell them what they needed to work on and fix, as I was the editor of the group. That's why I'm honest.


I'm also a reliable person. I'm reliable because if you tell me something you don't want anyone else to know I'll keep it to myself, though I usually keep things to myself anyway, So I guess I'm a trustworthy person as well. Proof from my experiences at Allan Drive is I've had people tell me things that are personal to them, and I haven't told anyone about those things. I've even kept people I'm no longer friends with's secrets. That's why I'm reliable.


  I'd say that I'm hardworking in most of my classes, but I'm starting to work harder in all of them. Proof from my experiences here at Allan drivers, I usually hand my work in on time and when I do hand it in you can definitely tell if I've worked hard or not. My best work is most definitely the work I try my hardest on. That's why I'm hard working.


  "Class is knowing what to say, when to say it, and when to stop" ~Unknown

I chose this quote because it's a very true quote. Not only does knowing what to say, when to say it, and when to stop show class, but it also shows that you respect people and their feelings, which I try to do.

How I portray myself.

  I portray myself as a helpful person as well as a good friend, well that's what I'm told.  

  The image that I present to society is, obviously, shy and quiet, but that's only around  people I don't know or I'm not comfortable with. Around my friends I'm obnoxiously loud and quite social. For example, in class I don't participate in group discussions and I'm really quiet when I'm presenting in front of people. I'm weird and obnoxious around most of my friends and Ms. Thomas, an example being that I've been acting like a cat for about a year and a half now. Just for the record, it's Ms. Thomas' fault. Last year she heard me making a weird cat-like noise and asked me if I thought I was a cat or something. After that day everything changed.

My 'dream' persona/ego.

If I could portray a different persona I would definitely choose to be more social around people. I would like to be loud most of the time. I think it would be fun to be loud and more comfortable around people. It's the complete opposite of how I portray myself. I'm quiet and shy, which I've already stated, when I'd rather be social around more people. I'd want to be more social because I feel like my shyness and my quietness has ruined some opportunities for me. But then again I might not want to be. I think that if I actually had the opportunity to change I don't think I would.

My Legacy at Allan Drive.

 I think people see me as shy and quiet, which I am, but sometimes I wish they'd see me as weird and crazy, which I am around my friends. I quests my friends bring the craziness and weirdness out of me.

  I, hopefully, will be leaving Allan Drive as a hard worker and I good student. But really, I'd be happy with anything. Just graduating is awesome.

My Digital Footprint.

 On Instagram, Twitter, Vine etc. I post a lot of weird pictures of both me and my friends. I'm private on every social media that I have, so I guess in a way that proves that I'm a shy person.

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