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Tonya and Shelby

Creativity...tiny techies transforming technology

Using Creative Apps...

We use our creative apps during our PK center time. We have a tech center the students go to each day. We introduce our creative apps there. The students write their own digital books, write stories using recording apps, respond to literature, and create meaningful projects they love.

Centertime…Story Boxes, QR Codes, and Literature

We use use the ingima QR code reader with our students. It is very easy for them to use this one.We use our favorite books and theme books.After reading the book throughout the week, we put story props into a shoebox with  a QR code of the book being read on youtube or other online resources.  

After listening, interacting and/or reading the story, the students may respond in their SeeSaw Learning Journal. They respond by taking pics of the story characters and retelling the story or drawing a picture and writing or recording about their picture.

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