Hi my name is Cameron the date is
March 9,1861 an I live on a farm in North Carolina with my Aunt an Uncle but my Uncle is off in the war he is stationed in South Carolina.

Entry 1 March 10,1861
  My daily activities are getting up at 5:30 an feeding the chickens an cows an horses an stocking the wood stove.My afternoon activities are getting the eggs out of the coop,milking the cows an chopping more wood for the stove an the last thing is help my aunt prepare dinner.

Entry 2 March 11,1862
I'm writing this letter to my Uncle that is stationed in South Carolina I sure hope he gets it he is in the civil war the newspaper heading for today is Freeman's Journal.

Entry 3 March 12,1862
I have some new chores they are driving the buggy to get new supplies like bread and stuff I helped the infantry out by donating bread an food objects to them so that helped them out a lot

Entry 4 March 13,1862
I received a letter back from my uncle I was so happy to here the news he is alright an doing fine so my reaction was I was so happy to here that. he is in the civil war so he he is fighting at the drop of a hat he barley has time to write me an my aunt hes constantly marching all the time.

Entry 5 March 14,1862
The president Abraham Lincoln was assassinated last night by John Wilkes Booth he shot the president in the back of the head an he did not die instantly he died early this morning. It was a huge crazy mess when it happened when we herd he got shot everybody was going crazy so it was bad he got shot.

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