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      I  agree with being loyal to your family, our lives are fated to play out in certain ways, and power corrupts those who have it.

       I agree with being loyal to your family because my dad and mom give birth to me they take care of me from baby to 16, they do anything for me to make me happy except wrong things so I'll make them happy and I'll take care of them with they old. People who not loyal to their family's at the end don't had house to live sleep place to place use drug because their family don't want them anymore I already see people like this my uncle who don't care what his mother and my dad words he goes and use drug his wife left him

        I agree with our lives are fated to play out in certain ways because I meet many friend who turn out to be best friend and into enemy, my second best friend who is nicknamed black dragon because he is Hmong but black skin, we play to much in the sun he got sun burn, he turn into gangster got into fight and robber and he ask me to join but I strongly refuse so he Is not my best friend anymore.

      I agree with power corrupts people who had them because Ceaser got power and he take control of people who don't had power and anything to make them suffer.


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3 years ago

Nou, excellent job using specific examples; I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's path and glad you did not go down it, too. Your last paragraph needs more development.