Ukrainian Superstitions

If right palm is being scratched, so it means you get money, if left palm - lose money.

When your ears are burning, so someone is speaking about you.

If a woman is sweeping the floor, sweeped someone with a broom, people won't like it.

If a girl hurts her finger during sewing, it means she fell in love

If someone is afraid of tickling, it means he is jealous

If you drop a fork or a spoon out the table, so in the first situation- comes lady, in the second - man

If someone thinks that you're someone else, you will earn money

If you leave some of bread after supper, it means you leave your happiness in it

Don't eat from the knife you will be evil

If one of the dishes is salted , so it means cooker fell in love

If a person who is waiting for dinner, don't come in time, you need to shake the tablecloth on the table - and it certainly will come soon.

Single man doesn't have to sit on the door sill - he won't marry anyway.

Noone (Nobody) greets and says goodbye, on the verge not to get angry with each other.

You mustn't sew clothes on the man, because you can sew his mind.

If someone plays his hat, he will have a headache

To give money in the evening is not good, the money will be disappearing.

On Monday, the money will not lend, so they do not melt like wax throughout the week.

Tableware breaks - fortunately.

Don't start eating fish with the head, because you will have a trouble.

Keeping broken dishes at home because you will have a trouble.

My opinion

I don't believe in any superstations because they have never been and I don't understand why people created them and how much time is over that people noticed it.

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