The Peregrine Falcon

By Zachry Poshusta


The are 51cm long it looks like a crow with slim wing that points at the end. They are black white and gray.


Found in high mountains, ocean coasts, and open wetlands near cliffs. they are most commonly found by the coast.


They eat birds and things like shorebirds, ptarmigan, ducks, grebes, gulls, storm-petrels, and pigeons.


The Great Horned Owl and the Golden Eagles although they are very fast they can get killed when they are fledging. The eggs can be eaten by raccoons and red tail hawk.

*Reproduction Rate

They mate for life in the same spot until they die and if one of the mates die or is out beaten by a bigger better mate they move to a new spot. THey lay 3 to 4 eggs during spring.


The use of DDT as a pesticide in 1940s 50s and the 1960s started to kill of all of the falcons.

*5 other interesting pieces of information

THe peregrine is the largest is the biggest falcon in over half the continent.

It can go up to 200 mph when nose diving.

The female is bigger than the male.

It is found on every continent but Antarctica.

It can fly up to speeds as much as 45 and 55 mph.

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