S.T.A.T Spotlight

Showcasing and reflecting on the hardworking teachers and practices at CLETS :)

Starring.....Barbara Zelt!

Symbaloo-Symmetry Tech Tool

The objective of today’s Art Lesson was to create a balanced mask design by using a Vertical Line of Symmetry. Our 2nd graders worked in Symbaloo,

http:/edu.symbaloo.com/ using the art elements of lines, shapes and colors. They identified the vertical line and defined the term symmetrical designs in many of the examples shown. The children enjoyed using their imaginations creating endless possibilities which was evident in their final product.

Take a look below...

Discovery Education-Vertical Line of Symmetry

Students are using their prior knowledge from Part I - Lesson Symbaloo program were they have demonstrated their understanding of the Vertical Line of Symmetry. The students are now engaged in an independent activity using their devices to create a Symmetrical Mask in the program Discovery Education. The children have been taught to use all the command prompts to engage and actively view the video. They are listening to the cuing directions and following along as they work at their own individual pace. Also students gather for small group instruction with the teacher for hands on teaching as well. Students are creating the environment for their own learning.

Check it out...