Hi John and Gayla,

We are off to a great start! We began our day by sitting in our morning meeting area and shared how we were feeling for our first day of school. Next, we went to our desks and filled out a sheet about third grade: what we might be wondering, what we are excited about, what we wished we could do and what we are nervous about. We then went back to the meeting area to share our thoughts. This was all before snack! After snack we played a game with some toilet paper. Make sure to ask Tess about this! We then started a project that we will complete on Friday called GUESS WHO? At the end of our day we sat together and shared one word that best described our first day as a third grade class. Awesome, fantastic, amazing and wonderful were just a few of the words that were shared.

We definitely had a fast, busy, yet fun filled day and look forward to seeing Tess tomorrow.

Enjoy your evenings!


Carolyn and Jody