Civil War Journal

Your Headline

Who are you?

My name is private David Moore I serve for the Union side of the civil war with my brother Johnathan Moore who is 24 years old. We grew up in Bridgeport Connecticut. My father was a tailor and so was my brother my family has been tailors scene we settled in America in 1719 and we believed in freedom. And people getting the same amount of freedom is worth fighting for. What color skin you are shouldn't decide the amount of freedom you have. So when we heard that we could do something about slavery we left our jobs and my family's tailor business to go and fight for the Union. My brother is not in the same company as me but we are both fighting for the same reason.

Civil War Slang

“Ya’ll better get yo bread baskets filled up, we are goin’ on a long journey” yelled the old skunk who was our officer. I don’t like to go on long journey’s because I always get some chronic quick-step on the way.

“Those fresh fish are lucky because they are not all played out like we are. They’ve all been through the mill gotten some hard knocks

“I need my bark juice for when I go camping it’s becoming as scarce as hens teeth.” Suddenly there was a bang as drunk old David knocked over the cooking stations.

“You played out, hard cased idiot!” Yelled the skunk.

“My roommate was throwing hornets at my tar water and the bottles all broke” said David as he looked for it again.

“It is time for the journey anyways! We will be traveling to Wilderness to engage the confederates!” Said the officer.

“Lets go! We have to head out!” Said the head soldier as we loft off on our long journey!


I am the lowest rank, a private. I sleep in a bunk bed every night and wake up at 6:30 am. Then we just practice doing battles we do that by carrying logs for guns and having everybody do the same thing at the same time. My brother was never as strong as me and I don't know how he is holding up in his company. The punishments are harsh and easy to get. My bunk mate got sent to an army prison for back talking to a superior. If you leave camp without permission then you will have more tasks to do like dishes or laundry. Some soldiers arms were tied to there legs and they were gagged if they talked back. We sleep in tents and don't get much rest. We are working hard and don't get much reward but we will start fighting the confederate soon.  

Interview Jeremiah Hardly

What made you chose to care for your mother instead of fighting for the confederacy?

I value my family more then I do slavery especially when my family is sick. Ever since my Dad died nobody has cared for my Mother and she needs my support.

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or

happy about?

I am happy about choosing to travel east to battle Lee's troops so I would not have to fight my brother. Family comes before anything else and I was not going to fight the confederacy.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

I wish I could have cared for my mother more. I stayed with my mother but I could have used my money to get more doctors and she wouldn't have died. I could have made my brother stay with my mother and she could have been more happy.

Why didn't you choose to fight for the confederacy?

I wanted to be closer to my mother so I could care for her whenever I had a chance. I know that I was fighting against my brother but I was for a better cause.


I wake up at 6:30 am and have to get my uniform on and have to help cook breakfast. Then I go to my training witch means drills. I then get a little bit of free time and then I got back to the drills. I usually play cards or checkers during my free time. I have to drills until lunch.

Civil War song

Always stand on the Union side, And battle for the right. Why turn against our home land, The country witch we love? Always stand on the Union side. Have pride of this country, our homeland.  Have pride of this dear beloved country! Stand on the Union side!

Civil war recreation

I was never a big gambler before I joined the war. But ever sense the first day I got here there is more gambling drunks per square feet than anywhere else in the world. People will gamble on anything they can find. I saw somebody bet all of his money that his piece of lice will win the race of lice, That is not all we do for entertainment, we also sang songs and shared yarn. I saw somebody eat his lice for breakfast because he didn't like his meal. I don't like my meal but I would never eat a lice. I usually just ate the biscuits but I think that all this gambling is getting to people's heads. They are eating tree cake and bugs. The best tasting recipe I heard was the biscuits with coffee creme filling. I cannot wait until I get home away from all of this insanity.

Civil War battle


I have a friend who joined the war as a nurse who joined to help a couple people. She has tried to help more people during the civil war than in her entire life. She says that she has no options with the food. If she gives the food to some people and not others than the others will die but some will live. If she divides it up equally they will all live longer but will not go home. She says that the equipment is getting dirtier and dirtier so the saw they use to amputate one person is used to amputate another without washing the saw. More and more people are getting deadly diarrhea. They get so thirsty and they don't have enough water for all of these people. The battles are less deadly than the diseases in our camps

Coming home

My service just ended since I only signed up for 6 months. I was looking forward to seeing my brother when I got home science he only enlisted for 4 months. When I got home I saw my Mother and Father standing on the poach with a sad look on their face. They told me to come inside and that we need to talk. My Dad told me that they got a letter saying my brother got captured by the Confederate army when they were exchanging goods and that the prison he went to ran out of food and he starved to death. My family tailor business was still going on but did not have as many customers since a lot people went to join the war. The war is not yet over but I was glad to be home and did not miss any part of the war. I was happy to have all of the luxuries that the war could not provide.

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