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period #2 Ecosystemport


Aboitic               Boitic

                                    1.Streams                                                               1.Trees

                                     2.Rocks                                                                 2.Animals(dead  or alive)

                                     3.Weather                                                            3.Fungi

                                     4.Climate                                                             4.Bacteria

                                     5.Soil                                                                     5.Protists

                                     6.Sunlight                                                            6.Humans

Carrying capacity

The number of people,other living things,or crops that a region can support without environmental degradation.

Things that are needed for a population to survive are:

1. Air

2. water

3. space

4. shelter

Population could change at any moment,and it does very frequently.

Somethings that can make population change are:

1. Over Hunting

2. Less Food

3. Loss of habitat

4. Disease

5. Over exploitation

Limiting Factors

Examples of limiting factors are:

1. Food

2. Water

3. Shelter

4. Space

5. Competition for Resources

One predator/prey relationship is the Black Bear and the Shiras Moose

If the moose population dies out the bear will decrease too.However, they will not go extinct because they still have other things to eat.

Energy Roles

An ecosystem consists of a web of life forms within a particular biome, or area, that rely upon one another for sustenance. There are three energy roles in an ecosystem, differentiated by how they get their energy. The three energy roles in any ecosystem are producers, consumers and decomposers. Producers create their own food, consumers feed on producers or other consumers, and decomposers break down dead organisms.

Food Webs

Food webs are much more important than food chains because a food chain shows how one set goes together.While, a food web can show the entire ecosystem.

See,in a food web everything is connected in some way.

So if i take out the Cougar the Rabbit and Deer population will increase.

Trophic Levels And Energy

The reason behind the pyramid is because the energy (as it goes up) lessens.

The reason behind producers being at the base is because the carnivores and the omnivores can't survive without primary consumers,and they

need producers to survive.

The reason the consumers are at the top is because:

1. There is less of them

2. energy is lower

3. because if they die the world will go on.



The Role Of Decomposers

                             If decomposers wernt there dead bodies would be here forever.                             What are some types of decomposers you would find in your ecosystem.

Mushrooms, fungi, bacteria

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