Expository Writing Process

Be a STAR on the STAAR!

Step 1

Read the prompt and think about what it means. Is it really an expository prompt?

Step 2

Create a circle map about the prompt possibilities.

Step 3

Pick a topic

Step 4

Brainstorm about the topic you chose in a circle map

Step 5

Make a partial multi flow map with 5 reasons

Step 6

Draw a FLEE map and begin to plan your essay. Write your opening paragraph, reasons to explain why, and a closing paragraph.

Remember that your reasons to explain why should be global and different from each other.

Step 7

Add transition phrases.

Step 8

Read your story off the map

Step 9

Write your rough draft in your packet.

Step 10

Re-Read what you wrote and edit your writing.(You can read it to your desk.) Check for capitalization, punctuation,* spelling.

Step 11

Re-read what you wrote and revise your writing. Check for the writing tools.

Step 12

WRITE on the LINED paper.

Step 13


STAAR expository writing process