My Emotions



I love going to the beach it is so fun. My family and I go together all of the time, we love just spending time with each other.


I was sad when I saw my dog as it had just gotten hit by a car i cried he was the best dog you could have ever had :( !!!!!!!


I get scared when my neighbors dog comes over he is as tall as i am on all four legs.


I get angry when my older brother makes fun of what I'm doing just because I'm the one doing it.


My little brother makes me laugh when he gets food on his face because its funny and cute.


My family and I may not be a perfect family but i know that i still love them more then anything in the whole world.


When I see my dad working all the time it makes me want to help him as much as I can to take away some of the stress.


It makes me feel important when they capture the great times that me and my dad have together.


I feel really great when we have no homework its so much better than having homework.


This cross makes me have hope.

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