John Brown

Evidence: John Brown fought against oppression.

Warrant 1.1: John Brown was an abolitionist who oppressed slavery. He delivered emotional effects that were stronger than several debates in which he thought did not affect anyone. John, instead of talking about the problems he decided that it would be best if he fought against them and ended the problem itself.

"These men are all talk...what we need is action!" - John Brown

Warrant 1.2: John Brown often led raids in which he killed several slavery supporters. His raids showed diversion between the North and South. He tried to use these raids as a way to abolish slavery and hopefully end the problems between the North and South.

Warrant 1.3: John Brown raids Harper's Ferry. John gets captured by the south by defending his men. Turning point in both way to the south in which they had lost a lot of men but were able to capture John. This raid encouraged a lot of enslaved people to rebel. John Brown was hung after being captured.

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